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Lever Piston Circlip


Calliper Piston

22mm - Nylon

Calliper bleed bolt

With seal

Lever Bleed Bolt

With seal

Rubber Boot


Olive and Insert


Compression Nut


Disc Pad Retaining Bolt


Lever Blade

3 Finger

Lever Return Spring


Lever Plunger


Lever Piston Seals


Calliper Piston Seal
Sensor Cable

Juliette Male connector

Sensor Retention Screw


Reservoir Diaphragm


Reservoir Diaphragm 


Reservoir Cover


Reservoir Cover


Lever Handle Bar Clamp Bolt

M6 x 19mm

Calliper Bracket Bolt

M6 x 20mm

Calliper Bracket Bolt

M6 x 18mm

Calliper Bracket Bolt

M6 x 16mm

C-Jet Plug



To support mechanics and cycle workshops vital for maintaining our brakes, we have made available a range of essential spare parts for Clarks HD-M3000 brake systems, combined with a product instructional videos. 

Individual brake set spare parts are available to purchase from our shop - Click here to purchase HD-M3000 Parts

M4 Spare Parts

M2 Spare Parts

Clout Spare Parts

E-Clout Spare Parts

Clout Plus Spare Parts

HD-M3000 Spare Parts

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