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Gear Wire

Die Drawn Stainless Steel

Gear Wire

Die Drawn Galvanised

Gear Wire

PTFE Coated

Gear Wire

Pre Lubricated

Gear Wire

Stainless Steel 1.1mm

Gear Wire

Stainless Steel 1.2mm

Gear Wire

Galvanised 1.1mm

Gear Wire

Galvanised 1.2mm

Dispenser Tray

Brake, Gear and Housing Combined

Core Lube Gear Wire

ULTRA-SLICK Stainless Steel


Each dispenser box is constructed of highly durable card and contains 100 wires wrapped around a wheel so that they can be easily decanted from the box.

Service Trays

Dispenser Boxes - Brake Wire

Dispenser Boxes - Gear Wire

Dispenser Boxes - Housing

Dispenser Boxes - Hose

Dispenser Pots

Spare Components

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