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Hydraulic Multi-tool

Hose cutter and needle driver

Easy to use, this high quality multi-tool will ensure a good clean cut of all hydraulic hoses every time. Easy to replace, cutter blades are available. The reversible needle driver can be removed and used to fit banjo fittings and compression nuts. Combined with the hose clamp insertion of hydraulic fittings into the hose is accurate and correct thereby reducing the risk of fluid leaks. In addition the cutter blade can be easily replaced when required, replacement blades are available separately. Suitable for all types of hydraulic hoses, this multi-tool is a cycle mechanics 3rd hand.

  • Hose cutter, ensuring a clean cut

  • Needle driver / banjo and compression nut tool

  • Hose clamp

  • Compatible with all hydraulic hoses

  • Solid aluminium construction

Pack Size

1 Per pack

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