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Powerful 4 Piston E-bike Brake with Shut-Off

The Sync-4E hydraulic disc brake, Designed for e-bikes, the brake features a cutting-edge 4-piston caliper and motor shut-off integration for superior stopping power and safety. This system comes with two rotors and all necessary mounting hardware.

  • Powerful 4 Piston hydraulic brake system

  • Smooth, powerful modulated braking

  • Self adjusting 16mm calliper pistons

  • Lever reach adjustment to suit all hand sizes

  • Specifically for e-bikes

  • Motor shut-off sensor

  • Uses environmentally friendly mineral oil

  • International standard and post mount compatible

  • Complete brake set

  • Stainless steel rotors

  • Spare olives to allow for hose reduction

  • Weight - 315g

Complies with and exceeds

ISO 4210 and EN 15194 regulations.

Wheel Options

Front 160mm & Rear 160mm I.S. or P.M. 

Front 180mm & Rear 160mm I.S. or P.M.

Front 160mm & Rear 180mm I.S. or P.M.

Front 203mm & Rear 180mm I.S. or P.M.

Front 203mm & Rear 203mm I.S. or P.M.

Replacement Disc Pads

Replacement Brake Disc Pad - VX851, VRX851, VRS851

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