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Award winning 2 piston disc brake

The award winning M2 has been designed specifically for the cycle enthusiast. It brings high level performance and braking power to the MTB and hybrid rider, at an entry level price. The twin piston callipers of the M2 deliver superb braking performance in all weather conditions. Supported by a sleek and compact lever design, this braking system will provide exceptional reliability and consistent performance.

  • Lightweight 2 piston hydraulic brake system for MTB and off-road riding

  • High quality finish

  • 22mm Self adjusting pistons

  • 10mm Lever pistons

  • Lever reach adjustment to suit all hand sizes

  • International standard and Post mount fit available

  • Mineral oil fluid to protect the environment

  • Stainless steel rotors

  • Spare olives to allow for hose reduction

  • Weight - 274g

  • Complies with and exceeds EN 15194 and ISO 4210 standards

Wheel Options

Front 160mm P.M./I.S.

Front 180mm P.M. 

Rear 160mm I.S. 

Rear 180mm I.S. 

Front 180mm P.M. and Rear 160mm I.S set 

Front 160mm P.M./I.S/ and Rear 160mm P.M./I.S. set Front 180mm P.M. and Rear 180mm P.M. set

Replacement Disc Pads

Replacement Brake Disc Pad (Serial no. F and O) - VX/VRX/VRS811

Replacement Brake Disc Pad (Serial no. L)  - VX/VRX/VRS852C 

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to maintain and fit an M2 brake set - click on the link below


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