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2 Piston e-bike brake, with electric motor shut-off sensor

Dual Pistons - Open Hydraulic System E brake for Electric bikes, with sensor control design cutting line. Designed for use on 30km/hr E-bikes, it consists of a 2 piece forged calliper allowing internal maintenance, the brake is specifically designed for use with E-bikes and has an automatic motor shut off when the brake lever is applied resulting in safe braking. Sensor Control waterproof contact, 3 fingers lever length.

  • Designed for use on 30km/hr E-bikes

  • Lightweight 2 piston hydraulic brake system

  • Motor shut off sensor to give greater control

  • Fitted with motor cut off. Juliet Male 8 (2 pin) connector

  • 3/4 Finger lever

  • Lever reach adjustment to suit all hand sizes

  • International standard and Post mount fit

  • Mineral oil fluid to protect the environment

  • Stainless steel rotors

  • Spare olives to allow for hose reduction

  • Weight - 280g

  • Complies with and exceeds EN15194 and ISO4210 regulations

Wheel Options

Front 160mm P.M./I.S.

Front 180mm P.M. 

Rear 160mm I.S. 

Rear 180mm I.S. 

Front 180mm P.M. and Rear 160mm I.S set 

Front 160mm P.M./I.S/ and Rear 160mm P.M./I.S. set Front 180mm P.M. and Rear 180mm P.M. set

Replacement Disc Pads

Replacement Brake Disc Pad - VX/VRX/VRS811

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to maintain and fit an HD-M3000 brake set - click on the link below


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