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Cargo Bike Brake Set (2 or 3 Wheels)

Clarks 2 Piston Cargo Bike Brake system is a specialised brake mechanism designed for cargo bikes. This system, which features a single lever that connects to a junction box to activate two callipers simultaneously, is an innovative approach to handling the increased weight and distribution challenges presented by cargo bikes.

Cargo bikes, require more robust braking systems to ensure safety and effective stopping power. A single lever controlling two callipers through a junction box provides balanced and powerful braking on both wheels, enhancing stability and control when the bike is loaded.

The Cargo brake can be offered with the motor shut off (for e-bikes) or without for conventional bikes. We also offer in 2 different rotors sizes.

Each set is supplied with 1 front brake that activates 2 callipers and 1 rear brake that will activate only 1 calliper or visa versa, 3 rotors and fixing bolts. To suit cargo bikes configuration 2 x 1 we also offer the cargo brake with a standard 2 calliper configuration 1 front 1 rear calliper with extended hose lengths. Our cargo brake also features an intergraded parking brake, to secure the bike when stationary

  • Powerful 2 piston, Cargo hydraulic brake system 

  • Available with motor shut-off sensors 

  • Parking brake on front and rear levers 

  • Mineral oil 

  • Complete brake set 

  • 3x 180mm Stainless steel rotors

Complies with and exceeds

ISO 4210 and EN 15194 regulations.

Wheel Options

2x1 Configuration

1xFront 180mm & 2xRear 180mm + Rotors + Shut-off

1xFront 180mm & 2xRear 180mm + Rotors

1x1 Configuration

1xFront 180mm & 1xRear 180mm + Rotors + Shut-off

1xFront 180mm & 1xRear 180mm + Rotors

Replacement Disc Pads

Replacement Brake Disc Pad - VX/VRX/VRS841

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to maintain and fit our brake sets - click on the link below


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