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Pre-lubricated with Dirtshield

Braided Gear Cable Kit

Clarks Dirtshield, pre-lubricated brake and gear cable kits are engineered to be maintenance free. Ideal for riding in poor weather conditions or where dirt ingress could become an issue. Dirtshield technology seals the inner cable from the elements, making sure that brake feel and gear changes are consistent and reliable at all times. Our Dirtshield braided cable kits are available in a range of metallic colours.

Kit Contents

  • SP4 Braided outer casing

  • 2 x pre-lubricated brake wires

  • 8 x alloy ferrules

  • 6 x wipe nose ferrules

  • 2 x rubber frame protectors

  • 2 x ED black wire end covers

  • 2 x rubber doughnuts


Silver, Carbon, Red, Gold, Blue

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to fit a gear cable - click on the link below


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