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CRS Core Lube

Gear Cable Kit

The CORE-LUBE Pro cable kits use ULTRA-SLICK long-life inner wires that are 4X more resistant to corrosion than standard stainless steel wires. The long-life CORE-LUBE lubricating liner prolongs the efficiency of the cable maintaining its fast an efficient control characteristics, ensuring brake and gears operate to their optimum levels. To deliver the best possible performance the outer housing is reinforced, minimising movement down its length as the inner wire moves. A combination that delivers precision and excellent durability.

  • Long-life inner wires 4X more resistant to corrosion than
    standard stainless steel

  • Continuous, long-life, lubricating CORE-LUBE liner

  • ULTRA-SLICK low friction inner wires for responsive braking and indexing

  • Rigid, reinforced housing for optimum control and power transfer

  •  Compatible with all major gear systems

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Kit Contents

1x 3000mm CORE-LUBE Housing

2x 2300mm Long-life stainless steel inner wires

2x 300mm SP4 gear housing

10x Alloy ferrules

4x Nylon ferrules

2x Cable end covers

2x 3 Donuts



For downloads and videos demonstrating how to fit a gear cable - click on the link below


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