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Floating Rotor

Our CFR-10FA floating rotor carrier is constructed from 7075 grade alloy so is extremely strong but still remains lightweight. The precision drilled braking band has a very round edge with very little recesses with the result that the disc pads are consistently making 100% contact with the braking band no matter where they are applied. This drastically improves overall braking power and feel. With 150 holes, heat and dirt are quickly dissipated from the braking surface.

  • Carrier constructed of Alloy 7075 aerospace grade

  • Stainless steel braking band

  • Precision drilled braking band with 150 holes to encourage efficient heat dispersion

  • Invulnerable to warp

Sizes and Weights

160mm - 122g

180mm - 144g

203mm - 152g


Red, Blue, Orange, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Black, Gold

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to fit our rotors - click on the link below


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