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CHBT-0105 Bar Tape

PU & EVA Bartape

Designed and manufactured for all weather conditions and cycling environments, Clarks Hi-Tack PU & EVA bar tape offers the competitive rider superb levels of comfort and control while being durable enough for daily training rides and competition.

Perfect set up of rider contact points is crucial for a good cycling experience. Hands, wrists and forearms are particularly prone to fatigue caused through vibration from uneven road surfaces. Clarks Hi-Tack top surface combines with a mid-foam padding layer, to create a chunky handle-bar covering that very effectively absorbs road buzz and vibration; cushioning the Ulnar nerve so minimising rider hand and arm fatigue.

  • Material: PU and EVA

  • Smooth surface

  • Hi-Tack

  • Thickness: 2.5 mm

  • Tape weight (each): 59 g

  • Tape length: 2,300 mm

  • Intended use: road / gravel / endurance riding

  • All Season high-quality chunky padded bar-tape for enhanced rider comfort and control

  • 2 rolls per box, with end plugs

Colour Options

Black, Red or White

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