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Flat mount precision 2 piston disc brake

The CRS C2-FM is a 2 piston flat mount hydraulic disc brake which provides the rider with a powerful, strong brake set, featuring full adjustment and modulation. Each calliper has self-adjusting pistons with machined piston heads for reduced friction operation. Heat dissipation features designed into the calliper, keep brake performance consistent and in-turn helping to reduce pad wear. 

Lightweight 2 finger brake levers offer controlled, sensitive braking with lever reach adjustment and comfortable ergonomic lever blades. The C2-FM is supplied with aerospace grade aluminium floating rotors with stainless steel braking bands, hoses and mineral oil.

  • 2 Piston flat mount hydraulic brake system

  • Suitable for Hybrid and MTB bikes

  • Rigid single piece CNC’d calliper

  • High quality anodised finish

  • Disc pad cooling fins

  • 2 Finger ergonomic lever

  • Lever reach adjustment

  • Mineral oil fluid to protect the environment

  • Floating Stainless steel rotors

  • Replacement disc pad - VRX862 Finned

  • Weight - 219g

  • Complies with and exceeds EN 15194 regulations

Wheel Options

Front 160mm F.M. & Rear 140mm F.M. Set

Front 160mm F.M. & Rear 160mm F.M. Set

Replacement Disc Pads

Replacement Brake Disc Pad - VX/VRX/VRS862

For downloads and videos demonstrating how to maintain and fit our brake sets - click on the link below


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