Hydraulic Workshop Tray

Hydraulic Workshop Tray

Code Ref: HYD-01

The Hydraulic workshop tray enables you to replace the hoses of all brakes on the market. The kit contains all the necessary fittings required to do so for both the calliper and lever end fittings.

Contents Qty
HFK01 Banjo End x 24
HFK02 Banjo Bolt x 24
HFK03 Straight Connector x 20
HFK04 (Magura/Hayes) Gripper x 10
HFK05 Shimano (0.20mm) x 50
HFK06 Compression Nut (Ext) x 20
HFK07 Compression Nut (Int) x 24
HFK08 Banjo Nut x 50
HFK09 Belt Gripper x 12
HFK10 Banjo End (Alloy) x 10
HFK11 Bushing (S) x 50
HFK12 Bushing (L) x 50
HFK13 Insert x 50
HFK14 O-Ring x 100
HFK15 Alloy Washer x 50
HYD-1 Hydraulic Fitting Tray x 1

Product Information

Bike Compatability : MTB, Hybrid

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